Negative Splits Personality (or Just Get Your Shoes)

Come on, 6 miles at training pace to get done tonight. Get your kit on.

It’s dark.

Of course it’s dark. It’s January. It’s not late, though.

It’s cold.

Not as cold as it was last night. And you went out in a snow storm two weeks ago so don’t give me that. Get your shoes.

But I don’t want to. It’s Friday night. Who spends Friday night running 6 miles?

People who are training for marathons. Come on, you haven’t missed a session yet. You had yesterday off because your legs were tired so you’ve got to do it tonight. You’ll do 2 miles, then another mile will be halfway, then in one more mile it’ll be just 2 to go and who can’t run 2 miles?

My legs are still tired. And I’ve got niggles. I’ve been injured you know, compartment synd….

Oh change the bloody record with the injury schtick will you? You’re fine now, or fine at the moment anyway. There’s nothing wrong with you, you just need to build your strength up again and you won’t do that by not running will you?


You’ve committed to this marathon now. They’re sending out the sponsorship email at work on Monday. What about raising that money to fight cyber bullying? What about the Syrian kids? They can’t just plan a run route and head out can they, since they don’t even know where home is from one day to the next. Stop moaning. Shoes. Now.

Can I wear the new ones?


I’m only coming if I can listen to my Disney songs.


Ok then.


6 perfectly paced Disney miles later…

See, that wasn’t so bad was it? That was awesome work! Scales and Arpeggios, baby, I’m telling you!

Oh shut up.



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