For several years up to 2015 I had been a bottom-third-of-the-pack occasional plodder.

Then I joined my local running club, and due to their support I now consider myself a proper runner. A duff runner, perhaps, but a runner nonetheless.

During training for the Rome marathon in April 2016, I started to write down some of my experiences. The result is this blog, charting my adventures in runderland as I try to at least catch up with the middle of the pack, and push to see just how far and how fast I am capable of going. It was shortlisted in the blog category at the 2017 Running Awards and again in 2018.

duffrunning.com was started for runners who race in the middle of the pack who run everything from the mile to the marathon. I share tales from my own training, aids to training which work for me and kit reviews. None of this is official coaching advice. You can follow my blog here and catch me on Twitter or on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by and having a read.