Resting State

My usually not that strict coach has decided I need a few days off. Mainly I think this is because I’m struggling to be particularly nice to people at the moment because I’m too tired to put up with their rubbish. Or their opinions. Or their breathing.

Between us we think I might be suffering with low iron, which would explain the heavy legs, constant edge of tears fatigue and difficulty breathing that have been the hallmarks of my runs lately – seriously, it’s like constant PMT, and it’s about as much fun as that sounds.

Also, that pesky peroneal brevia stress thing I have has been starting to nag again but this time in both calves (you do not want to see the faces I’m pulling during the use of my marathon stick just lately) so a few days rest, rolling and ice is in order to pre-empt any sort of serious injury issues. It hurt like stink last time, so I’d rather get it under control now.

It hurts = physio

All in all, it’s probably a sign that a rest is a good idea that I’m actually happy to listen to my coach and take a break, when usually I would be chomping at the bit to get my shoes on and get out there.

So whilst I’m resting, getting doctor and physio check ups and sitting about with bags of frozen peas balancing on my brevias, I think it’s only fair for you lot to cheer me up a bit.

Runners best friend – peas

Tell me what keeps you running, even when the going gets tough?

What’s your go-to way to pamper yourself better after a tough few week’s training?

What’s motivating you for your next big race?

Oh, and if anyone knows how to get through a sports massage on your calves without swearing like a sailor at the massage therapist, that would also be good to know….

6 thoughts on “Resting State

  1. You will be back stronger once you have rested. The thing that keeps me going when things get tough is The Management being right (ask Jess), and letting down all the fabulous people who have been positive voices in the sea of negatives. A good cold beer helps too.

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  2. I think it was a wise decision to take a little vacation. Well done on your coming back 5k! Take care of yourself as you get back to normal 🙂

    I just had a sports massage today and it was amazing, except for the 20 minute nightmare that was my tight hamstrings. I was practicing my breathing technique, probably sounding like I was going into labour.

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