Running Awards 2017 – Final Countdown!

A few moths ago, I got a really rather wonderful message from a really rather wonderful person.

This person, an accomplished writer themself, had decided to nominate my blog for the 2017 Running Awards. I was really flattered – I’ve got a lot of respect for the person who nominated me and I enjoy their writing. I hadn’t been aware they were thinking of putting Duffrunning forward and I was delighted. It was such a compliment.

To be honest, I didn’t think I would make it to the shortlist as there were over 80 blogs on the original long list. But I shared the voting link around and when the shortlists were announced I was staggered to find I had made it to the final 12!

Voting is still open in the blog category, and will be open til 20th March, in a few days’ time.

So I would like to ask a favour.

I love writing my blog. I love interacting with my fabulous followers, and I love using my enjoyment of running to explore writing. I used to do quite a lot of writing, and it truly feels like a rediscovery to me. I am currently working on what I want to do with this blog and what sort of a writer I’d like to learn to be. The comments and chat I have with you all is a big factor in this. I’m sure many of you are the same.

I really hope you like reading what I write. If you do, if you get any enjoyment from my ramblings at all, I’d love it if you would consider spending a couple of minutes to cast a vote for Duffrunning over the next week or so. It’s completely free, and I think you can vote from anywhere in the world, not just the UK.

You can vote here:

The awards bash is on 20th April, just a few days before the London marathon. Blogging is such a brilliant, open way for us to express ourselves and be involved in the running (and writing) community that we’re all part of. You don’t have to be an amazing runner, or a well known writer. You can just do what you do and share your story with people who understand.

I’m looking forward to the awards night whatever happens, and I’m thrilled to be shortlisted…but wouldn’t it be lovely to bring home a trophy for us all?

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