Running Awards 2017 – Shortlisted!


I’ve just walked in the door from a club committee meeting to check my Facebook and find messages from friends telling me to check my emails and posts letting me know some amazing news…

Duffrunning has now been shortlisted in the blog category at the 2017 Running Awards!


I’m staggered. I’m really proud to have made it onto a shortlist of 12 out of about 80 blogs originally nominated. Thank you to the person who nominated me, thank you to everyone who has voted so far, and thank you to everyone who reads my little blog. You are all fabulous.

How the Running Awards work is that there is now a second round of voting to take the shortlists of 12 to a top 3 in each category.

So between now and midday on 20th March, I still need your votes! You can vote for me in the next round here:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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