2017 Running Awards Nomination

It’s probably fairly obvious from the length of my posts that I am not often speechless, but I was staggered yesterday when I found out that a very kind someone has nominated my blog for an award at the 2017 Running Awards.

The Running Awards are an independent set of honours for everything to do with running, and they are voted for by the general running public – the real experts!

In each category, including running blogs, the initial list of nominees is whittled down to 12 in each category who go onto a shortlist in December. The voting then recommences to find the top 3, and eventually the winners are announced in April 2017.

I started writing about my running earlier this year when I was training for my first marathon, as a way to ‘process the process’ and allow myself a creative outlet for the first time in many years. I thoroughly enjoy writing my blog, sharing stories with all those of you out there who also love to write about running, and learning more with each blog post about writing, running, and everything in between.

It’s come to mean a lot to me, and every time someone likes what I write or leaves me a comment I am thrilled. To have someone take the time to nominate my blog for this sort of an award, and to think enough of my work to do this as well, means more than I can say.

If you enjoy reading my blog and think it deserves a vote then please head over to the Running Awards website and give me a click.

You can also vote for your favourite running events, gear, accessories, shoes, nutrition and hydration products, retailers, technology, charity – the list goes on. The Running Awards are a great initiative being as they are by runners, for runners. I’m absolutely honoured to be included on their nominee list!

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