A Short Post in which I Express My Intense Dislike for Hill Training

When running and trying to get stronger,

It helps to run uphill for longer.

You’ll puff like a train,

As you beat the terrain….

….and despite the fact you know it’s doing you good you’ll hate every single solitary second of it because running hill repeats sucks and only total masochists actually enjoy it (largeglassofred, sarachmack2910), regardless of whether you are breaking in a fancy new pair of trainers or not.

The delightful Horsenden foothills I ran up and down in an attempt to emulate the NYC bridges 

Testing out my Eagles buff and new shoes – very on brand matching my running shoes to my blog, don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “A Short Post in which I Express My Intense Dislike for Hill Training

  1. Sigh…add me to your list of masochists. I love hill repeats, but mainly because they appeal to the organized part of me. I structure them very tightly. I have lots of running friends that think I’m a lunatic, though.

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  2. Well the scenery of your hill is much more beautiful than mine. But I don’t judge by looks, I still love my hill! I love feeling nauseous/fantastic when I’m up and done. Cool new shoes!


  3. Good luck with hill training – you are allowed to hate it as it is such darned hard work.I hate hills too so it’s clearly not a genetic thing. Sadly it is almost all hills here. I’ve tried the hills in practice for EHM and they don’t worry me. It’s the rest of it!
    I enjoyed your poetic start to this post 😃

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