Cursus Causum

I’m now getting into the serious bit of my marathon training plan for New York, with my long run due to hit 16 miles this weekend. For some reason I’m struggling a bit with keeping motivated so in an attempt to remind myself why I’m doing this again I have been re-reading my Rome marathon diaries.

My Rome journey was charted in a series of posts back before I had worked out how to connect with anyone else, starting with the training in January, February and March before Race Day in April, and finishing with a wash-up of the practicalities of the event itself.

I originally wrote all of this as I went along in training with no idea what I wanted to do with them. I started this blog shortly after I ran Rome because I had enjoyed writing about it so much. I’ve decided to re-share them here as they got a bit lost in the ether the first time! 

If you are thinking about running Rome next year or if you are training for your first marathon, hopefully you will find something useful in them.

Hope you enjoy!

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